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Gabion fencing is the construction of thin section walls, normally 0.3 to 0.5m wide with vertical faces. The gabions cannot provide stability on their own, they require additional support to resist wind loading in the form of steel posts.

The design can consider the stability provided by the mass of the wall with the post providing the resistance to the resultant moment required to provide adequate factors of safety. Loadings due to wind and pedestrian barriers must be considered in design.

The minimum wire diameter for the units should be 4mm and the cell face area should not exceed 0.7m x 0.7m, otherwise deformation of the face can occur.

Stone fences Gabions are the best solution for those, who want to have exclusive fence. Gabions are used for supporting walls and coastal protection. They are manufactured from welded, galvanized wire mesh painted by using powder method. Metal structure is filled with stones. This system is used for mounting posts or walls. Scandinavian style fencing construction is assembling by concreting metal post in center of Gabions (check drawing below). Various dimensions of the structures are available.Gabions or, meshed structure, look like metal wire frames filled with various materials (gravel or stone). Unlike conventional materials, such as concrete or reinforced concrete, gabions perfectly fit into the landscape, are cost-effective, maintain an ecological balance, and protect the soil against adverse environmental impacts. Simplicity of gabion design, their relatively low installation and operating cost help to save 10 to 50 % of Your money, compared to a conventional fence. Gabion installation does not require any equipment. Due to the low weight of gabion, the delivery and installation of it is possible virtually everywhere. Fence sections are attached to 40x30 mm profiles that are mounted to the Gabion structure with special fastenings.

They are used as poles of the fence, supporting walls, outdoor benches and tables, decorating items.


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