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Temporary Fence

Product Description
 A.Common Specifications of Construction Site Temporary Fencing:
                                                           Temporary fence 
Wire Gauge 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm or as request
Opening\Mesh 60*150mm, 75*75mm, 75*100mm, 50*100mm etc
Fence frame pipe 32mm O.D.,38mm O.D., 40mm O.D., 42mm O.D., 48mm O.D. etc
Regular size 2.1*2.4m, 1.8*2.4m, 2.1*2.9m, or as request
Plastic feet 600*220*150mm, or 580*245*130mm
Surface treatment Hot-dipped galvanized or electric galvanized
different specifications are available according to your needs
 B.Popular size of Construction Site Temporary Fencing:
Type Australia temporary fence
Wire Diameter 3mm
Mesh Opening 60x150mm
Panel Size 2100x2400mm
Vertical Pipe Size O.D. 32mmx2.0mm, 150mm left at top and bottom
Horizontal Pipe Size O.D. 32mmx2.0mm
Base Plate 600x220x150mm
Package Steel/pallet
C.One Set of Construction site Temporary Fencing includes:
Australia Temporary privacy Fencing Part 1:  Welded mesh Panel
Australia Temporary privacy Fencing Part 2:   Round Tube Frames

Australia Temporary privacy Fencing Part 3:  Plastic feet
Australia Temporary privacy Fencing Part 4: Clamp
Australia Temporary privacy Fencing Part 5:  Stay\Support
1>Construction Site Temporary Fencing Part 1: Welded Mesh Panel
Wire diameter:3.5mm or 4.0mm as usual;      
Opening/mesh size: 60*150mm;
Material: hot-dipped galvanized wire as usual
2>Construction Site Temporary Fencing Part 2: Round Tube Frames
Frame O.D: 32mm, 38mm, 48mm as usual;
Frame thickness: 1.2mm,1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
Frame length: according to request.
Frame left: 150mm left at the top and bottom.
3>Construction Site Temporary Fencing Part 3: Plastic feet
Plastic feet size: 610*230*150mm; 570*240*130mm
Plastic feet color: orange, red, black, blue, etc.

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